From this photo on, of, then Maggie, in the Douglas County Shelter, I
could tell this was a Carolina dog.  You won't find a much more perfect looking
Carolina dog, and I knew this was no accident.  Tina and I went to the shelter and
rescued Maggie, and immediately named her Sunny, due to her sunny disposition
and the fact that it was a perfect, sunny day.  All the information I could get on Sunny
was that she was turned in by a man who found her.  Sunny was, at that time, about 9
months old, and no one was looking for this beautiful, fun loving, very sweet puppy?  
From the area she was found, it is very likely Sunny was born wild.  This perfect look
doesn't happen by accident.  I mean, you will see some that resemble Carolina dogs,
but not this much.  

I e-mailed Sunny's pictures to Dr. Brisbin for him to give his much more experienced
opinion on whether she was the real thing or not, and he was as excited as I was!  
The thought that these dogs live here in West Georgia, in close proximity to the
Chattahoochee and the Dog River, is a very exciting idea!  Sunny is now one of our
greeters at Beechwood Trails Pet Lodge, alongside Dottie.  

Below are a few shots of Sunny: