May 5th:  Sorry I haven't written in here very much lately.  We
are very busy keeping everybody involved with building the pet
lodge singing from the same page.  As I type this, Lita and
Corky are playing their hearts out back here in the
weight/computer room.  She continues to do better and better,
and surprises me every day how much better she's fitting in.  
Knowing we will be moving some time in the next six months
or so, I wonder how well she'll accept the move?  For that
matter, I wonder how well the other eleven kids will take it?  I
guess it will be up to us to make their transition as pleasant as
possible.  I would think, though, Lita may have a little more
difficulty moving than our other clowns.  Judging by how long it
took her to adapt to this home, it may be quite upsetting to her
to move into a new place.  Well, we'll just have to see to it that
it's done properly, to where there won't be so much stress.  

On June 3rd, the Douglas County Humane Society is holding
their annual pledge walk.  We will be taking as many of our
crew as we possibly can, and I would REALLY  like to take Lita.  
She doesn't walk so well on a leash, so there is no way I can
walk more than just her.  So we'll have to recruit someone to
walk some of our greyhounds.  Please join us for the pledge
walk!  We always have a great time!  And while you're making
plans, please plan to walk your dog with the Humane Society in
Douglasville's 4th of July parade.  This is an event that's an
absolute riot to march in.

May17th:  Nothing major going on for Lita recently.  Tina and I
spend time at the kennel site nearly every day, and I walk Lita
for a mile or so each evening.  She still pulls bad, but seems to
be easing up some the past few days.  I try to introduce her to
new things every day, even if it's nothing more than a screw
driver, trying to take some of her spookiness away.  Simple
things like a roll of paper towels really worries her, but once I
can get her to sniff and check things out, the next time she
sees it, you can tell the worry is gone.  As time goes on, she
seems to accept new things and experiences much quicker.  
She's a very smart, but cautious little girl.  But she's steadily
moving forward, making progress every week.  I can't help but
be proud of her.    

June 3rd:  Dr. Brisbin has asked us to bring Lita to some sort
of function taking place in North Augusta, SC this coming
Thursday evening.  He said there will be some dignitaries
present, and would very much like for them to see Lita.  So
we're planning on heading to North Augusta Thursday with Lita.
Dr. Brisbin shocked me when he told me as thanks he is going
to place one of his New Guinea singing dogs, Jingle, with Tina
and I.  We met Jingle the day we picked Lita up at Dr. Brisbin's
facility in Aiken, SC this past January 10th.  Singing dogs are
among the rarest of wild canids, found only on the Island of
New Guinea (no surprise, huh?).  Jingle is the cutest, sweetest
little girl, and Tina and I fell in love with her that day.  Unlike
Lita (in the beginning), who was completely wild, Jingle is well
socialized, and isn't afraid of us.  Gee, life just keeps getting
more and more interesting!  You can click here to visit the New
Guinea Singing Dog Conservation Society, of which we are

June 8th:  Tina and I are leaving for Augusta, GA today for a
whirlwind trip to join Dr. Brisbin at a Southeastern Natural
Sciences Academy fundraiser on the banks of the Savannah
River.  Dr. Brisbin, proud of a Lita just as we are, wanted her
there to show the potential saving these beautiful dogs can
yield.  Tina and I just finished Lita's first bath EVER.  Having
been the proud owner of a basset hound - mine and Tina's first
dog as a couple, who lived 17 years - we are absolutely
amazed at the fact that Lita, being born approximately
11-07-04, and having never been bathed in all this time, she
had no odor.  Basset hounds, bless their heart, stink coming
out of the bath tub.  Lita's bath water was barely dingy.  She,
as I expected from such a good girl, was a perfect lady taking
her bath.  Hopefully, as long as I can remember to take
pictures today, we should have plenty of shots of today's

June 17th:  Woops, I forgot to write about Lita's experience on
June 8th, Thursday a week ago.  At Dr. Brisbin's request, we
attended the 2006 Swamp Soiree fundraiser, held annually by
the Southeastern Natural Sciences Academy on the banks of
the Savannah River in Augusta, GA.  After a very rocky first ten
or fifteen minutes, Lita settled down and seemed to enjoy
herself. We helped Dr. Brisbin and his lovely wife, Donna,
introduce most of these people to two rare breeds, the U.S.'s
very own Carolina Dog/American Dingo and the New Guinea
Singing Dog. Lita and Dr. Brisbin's Carolina Dog, Star, did a
super job of representing their breed, and one of Dr. Brisbin's
NGSDs, Jingle, introduced several hundred attendees to the
beautiful, very rare, and endangered New Guinea Singing Dog.  
Tina and I had a ball talking with these super nice, very dog
friendly people.  When they were told Lita was a wild-caught
Carolina Dog, and heard of her training up to this point, they
were amazed.  To show his appreciation for Tina and I helping
him, Dr. Brisbin allowed us to adopt Jingle and take her home
with us.  Heck, we'd have done it for free!  Lita has been
overjoyed to see Jingle once again, but Jingle tries to keep her
distance from this happy girl.  See, Singers aren't pack animals,
as are most other members of the family Canidae, and could
probably have gone the rest of her life without seeing Lita
again.  Oh, I was wrong about taking lots of pictures.  We took
the camera, but were so busy, I never got it out of the

July 7th:  Lita is becoming so much just a regular member of
our family now, there doesn't seem to be as much to write
about.  Now it's nothing but tail wags and a happy face.  This is
what I was waiting for from the very beginning.  We still have
work to do, but gains come so easily now, it's as if she is just a
regular dog, and not the wild girl she was six months ago.    

August 21st:  I know, it's been a long time since I've written
anything about Lita, but every day is pretty much the same
these days.  She has turned into one of those dogs who just
makes you laugh every time you're with her, but there's
nothing much special going on.  BUT, all that changed
yesterday when I found a message written by a man looking for
a female Carolina Dog to mate with his two year old male.  It
just so happens that the next time Lita goes in heat it will be
her third time and she will be two years old.  I responded to his
message, sending him a link to our site and Lita's picture page.
He replied, obviously as excited as we are, with his dog Rio's
story and some photos.  It seems these two, both born in the
wild, surviving against the odds, have found there way into the
home of folks who want to do their part to help Carolina Dogs,
our very own American Dingos, keep on surviving.  But we want
them to, well, you know, not have to work so hard at it this
time around.  Now, Rio as of now isn't registered, but
considering his outstanding phenotype, he certainly deserves
to be.  I will contact Dr. Brisbin, make him aware of Rio and his
family, and ask his help making Rio an official member of one
of the oldest breeds in the world, and one who most certainly
deserves our admiration, protection and enjoyment.  Rio has
the classic Carolina Dog look, similar to the tropical Dingo of
Australia.  Lita, on the other hand, shares her looks with the
nearly extinct Alpine Dingo.  It astounds me to think these two
dogs, half a world away, share so much with an almost
identical, much more well known breed, the Australian Dingo.  
As it stands, we have a casual agreement, and a shared
enthusiasm, but as we help Rio become registered with the
UKC, and as the time comes, probably this coming spring, we
will get more serious, and a whole lot more excited, about
making Rio and Lita a couple.  The puppies these two will have
will be a sight to see, and I can't wait!  Click on this link to see
pictures of Rio.  Rio and Lita         

Dec. 29th:  Lita is still doing well, and seems to get funnier
every day.  I'm telling you, living in a home where humor is
king, they will show their funny side before too long.  We are
nearly finished building our new home, as well as being near
finishing the pet lodge, and we're very interested/concerned
how well Lita and Jingle will take to the huge change in their
lives.  From our point of view things should only get better for
Lita, because up to this point, she's only had a small pen to
run loose in without being on a leash.  Although I do believe
she couldn't be chased off with a stick, since she came from
the wild, so I wouldn't doubt that she might take an
opportunity to wonder around some.  But the new place, built
with dogs in mind, will have a very large, very secure fenced
yard.  Not secure enough for Jingle, but Lita will do fine.  Her
having seen a lot of new people and a lot of new experiences
since coming to our home almost a year ago, she should
bounce back quickly.  Now, Jingle, she's a whole different deal.
Though making good progress over the past few weeks, still, to
say she's leery is putting it mildly.  At times she seems to want
to be friends, then a few minutes later, she's back to being
scared to death of us.  I've never seen anything like her.  But,
we'll do what we need to do to make their move into a new
home and new life go as smoothly as we possibly can.  

It's funny, but as I was typing this, I heard Jingle playing in the
den.  I snuck up the hallway to find her either playing with
Corky or by herself, I couldn't tell which.  She saw me, started
wagging her tail and got a very impish look on her face.  I
asked her if she wanted to go outside, and with a happy look
on her face, she ran to the front door, tail wagging away.  I took
her out, she did her business, I gave her a treat and made a
big fuss, then came back in.  Sometimes I get the feeling we're
about to make a huge breakthrough with Jingle.  Then other
times.....not so much.

Feb 25th:  We've been in our new house for two weeks as of
today.  We were so worried how Lita and Jingle would take
moving to a completely new home, kind of figuring that our
"normal" kids would just be happy wherever their food bowl is.  
We still can't get over how well both of them are doing here!  
Especially Jingle, the one we were worried about the most!  In
fact, she seems happier here than she did in our old house.  
She seems to be more comfortable here, choosing to lay
smack in the middle of the pack while we're all watching TV in
the evening.  Lita is doing great, too, and hasn't seemed to
notice the change.  I don't know, I wonder if it has anything to
do with how much sunlight there is in this house.  Our old
house was kind of dark inside, but this new one is all windows,
and is quite sunny indoors.  It's not only Jingle's mood, but
she just seems more accepting of us and even goes so far as
to seem more loving.  She's jumping up on our legs when she
wants a treat, something she never would have done in the
other house.
Wild Star    Carolina