This was whelping day at our house, beginning at 4:15am and
ended at 6:10.  I have to say that was one of the most fascinating
events I've ever been part of.  
These are shots we took on the pup's third
morning.  The pictures are in birth order.
The pups are one week old in these shots.
Onida's new dad sent me a video he found online somewhere.  This video was done
by South Carolina Wildlife Television, and I REALLY hope they won't mind me adding
it to our Carolina dog site.  You will see Dr. Brisbin, along with some of the
heavyweights of the Carolina dog world, and you will also see our puppies' dad,
Jesse, toward the end of the video with his terrific owners....who, by the way, are good
friends and customers of ours.  Man, that says something, doesn't it, for these folks to
drive all the way from Jacksonville, FL to board Jesse and Tilly when they go on
vacation?!!  Anyhow,
click on this link to see the video.  And while you're in a video
kind of mood, check out this one just for fun:
California Carolina Dogs
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