Pictures are in birth order.  All pups showing a lot of humor and personality.  The
pups began wagging their tails midway through week three and began playing
together around the same time.  Watching them play has been an absolute hoot!  
The pictures above were taken the day we moved them from the whelping box, set
up in our bedroom closet, to an extra big area in our kitchen.  And, boy, are they
enjoying the play area!  

The pups are beginning to show their personalities now, and it looks like the two
boys, especially the largest one, are lazy!
The above shots were taken midway through the pups fourth week.  They are
really showing their personalities now, and let me tell you, there's not a dud in
the bunch.  Each of them thinks they're the next biggest thing in comedy.  
Getting them onto puppy food and off of Lita's milk is what we're working on
now.  I would like to have them weaned sometime during their sixth week.  I'm
sure Lita is all for that!  Yes, I would like to have them weaned and have their
first set of shots done during their sixth week.

I've begun taking them outside one at a time for brief visits, just to let them see
more of the world we've brought them into.  Hmmm, I wonder when it's time to
take them for ride in the convertible?!  

This being their fifth week, we will begin working on their socialization.  We want
them to love people and love other dogs.  That is one of the greatest gifts you
can give a puppy.  So many folks don't think of it, or they don't think it's as
important as it is, or, well, some folks don't spend too much of their time thinking
at all.  We're shooting for a well balanced dog, one who feels comfortable
anywhere and around anyone.  You've seen them; those dogs who shiver and
shake whenever they're taken somewhere?  Then you've seen other dogs who
are happy, never nervous and are up for anything?  And you think to yourself:
'Man, I wish I had a dog like that!'  Well, it all begins when they're very young
puppies.  Let 'em meet great people and experience a million different things.  
And one of the MOST important things is:  NEVER feed your dogs your
negative emotions!  Don't ever let it see you fear anything.  Dog's feed off of
your feelings.  So whenever you're fearful: at thunderstorms, or around other
daily situations, your dog notices and learns from you.  Of course, older dogs,
rescued as adults, who never had proper socialization early on, can always be
taught to tolerate things better.  They may not be as able as a dog who was
raised properly, but there is always room to improve some.        

Oh, with the help of Mother Nature, we introduced the pups to lightning and
thunder this past week!  What a perfect time to do that; now they can see and
hear.  A little more would be nice, but at least we had a few storms roll along
before the drought begins again.  I shouldn't say that word [drought], should I?  A
slip-up like that and we won't see another drop of rain for months!
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