Wild Star    Carolina
The name Wild Star Carolina Dogs is derived from Lita, short for her name
Estralita.  Estralita is Spanish for "little star".  Lita, wild-caught by Dr. I. Lehr
Brisbin, named by Dr. Brisbin's daughter, and tamed by Tina and I, will be the
matriarch of Wild Star Carolina Dogs.  As you can see from her picture, she is
an absolutely beautiful girl.  It's not often that a single dog, especially because
of the number that we've owned over the years, has such a life-changing impact
on Tina and I.  This has been one of the most fascinating episodes of my life
and we have Dr. Brisbin to thank for it.  

Lita spent the first several months of her life on her own, staying alive the hard
way.  Dr. Brisbin, driving down the road one day, spotted her crossing the road
up ahead.  Having become very familiar with the look that these wild dogs
have, he immediately recognized what she was.  He began seeing her more
often, and he set out to find more about her movements.  He found someone's
backyard that Lita would go into each day, as if there was something she
expected to find.  He knocked on the people's door and talked with them about

They said they had seen her, but she would always run whenever they tried to
make contact.  They began leaving cat food out for her, and Lita was happy to
make their backyard a regular stop.  Dr. Brisbin asked if he could trap her for
his research and the folks agreed.  Dr. Brisbin set a trap in their backyard, and
began the process of luring her into the trap, a process that Bris said took him
two weeks.  After he finally had her comfortably, or willing, at least, entering the
trap for the food he'd leave for her, he set the trap to catch her.  

Once caught, she spent the next few months at his research facility near Aiken,
SC.  It just so happened that this is about the time I was doing research on
Carolina Dogs, having read an article about the dogs.  I found Dr. Brisbin's
e-mail address online and sent him an e-mail.  Surprisingly, and with
enthusiasm, he contacted me.  I could tell he was happy someone with more
than just a casual interest in Carolinas had shown interest in working with him.

I remember the first time I talked with him on the telephone, Tina and I were
sitting in a restaurant on Hwy. 5 in Douglasville, eating supper.  He asked me to
call him when we got home, where we could talk better.  I did that, and that
began my love affair with Lita.  

We will, in this project, create the best Carolina Dogs possible, that are closely
linked to the true wild living breed they are.  

On April 12th Tina and I bred Lita with Jesse of Banbury Cross Farms out of
Jacksonville, FL.  Tina and I are very fortunate that we are friends of Jesse's
parents, and board Jesse and his daughter, Tilly, at our boarding facility,
Beechwood Trails Pet Lodge, Douglasville, GA.  As a result of the breeding, on
June 13th, Lita had seven beautiful puppies: two creme females, two buff
females, one ginger female and two ginger males.  Raised in our kitchen,
around people and in constant contact with our many dogs, these pups have
developed the type of personalities that anyone would be proud of.  

Tina and I have raised these pups with a sense of humor being a must, and
although stress was applied in a way to prepare these dogs for their real life, it
was never applied in such a way as to be taken negatively.  Knowing what
fearful dogs usually avoid, we try to expose our pups to these things.  Young
puppies are like modeling clay and can be molded into wonderful dogs if you
will take the time.  
Lita's Pics
Puppy Pics
Craig Chaquico
"Sacred Ground"
Beechwood Trails
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